Sunday, 21 March 2010

Deco and demons

Bee boy having vacated his studio, meant that I could give it a good clean. This meant that I ended up stripping the walls, repapering, painting ceilings etc.

As the electric hot plates were shorting out the electrics, I went out and bought an electric cooker, which was duly delivered a week later. I also phoned up Conforama as they will send out a technician to wire such things into the wall for you.

Now all I need is a new tenant. I do not want a tenant like the ones who have moved next door but one recently. They are possibly students and during the week everything is quite quiet. However for the last 3 Saturday evenings, 7 cars full of their mates have arrived. They make lots of noise and park anywhere they like, blocking in the driveway to the garages which belong to the flats opposite, taking up the flat’s parking spaces etc.

They also think that it is okay to park in my car park, despite the 6 private property, No parking signs. So it is a full time job asking them to remove their cars to elsewhere. I will have to investigate some kind of chain barrier to keep them out. This will be a bloody nuisance and of course will cost.....

God knows what it will be like in the summer. They like to hang out in the street in clumps of various sizes. The young men relieve themselves against any convenient wall or bin.

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