Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Unstung hero

I have been silent on the subject of Bee-boy for some while now. He is entering the busy time of year for beekeepers. He has been collecting honey every 3 days but is now going to need to shift gear and start harvesting every day. His royal jelly production will also be in full swing. His parents are here again to give him a hand, but are living on a local camp site rather than in his studio with him.
Recently my bin had been relocated to near where he parks his van. He leaves the side door of his van open and bees pop in and out of it all the time.
When he moved his van, the bees assumed that the bin was the new place to hang out.
I told him about it the next day and he collected the bees. Apparently there is a man with some hives not far away and he donates stray bees to him.
This Saturday I was 5 x 4 metre pipes short of what I need. The bee-booce (that is how it is pronounced) was pressed into service and we set off to the newly opened Mecca that is BricoDepot.
Climb in, he said. Now I had been watching the bees buzzing about inside the van’s cab wondering how many stings it would take to kill me.
I opened the door. “They are very nice bees, if you put your feet there you will be okay”
This meant placing my feet next to the piece of honeycomb which was on the passenger floorwell, and which the bees were finding very interesting.
I carefully got in and closed the door on me and the bees.
B-Boy got in and realised that he had left his van keys in the flat. Off he goes.
Bees are now flying about at head height. I am wearing long trousers and a short sleeved shirt.
I open the door and bees start flying in and out seemingly happier.
When we set off I open my window and after some time bees are going out and we have gone by the time they return and we roll on beeless.
Of course once we have the pipes, we are dealing with new bees who have been attracted by the honeycombs which are also in the back of the van..
Fortunately I arrive home an unstung hero,with pipes, pipe collars and 2 more new post boxes.
I can now replace the old grey boxes with a clump of new ones. All I have to do is join them together.

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